Skating party is Friday night

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This Friday evening, weather permitting, the Masons and Eastern Star will have an evening on the ice. You don’t need us there to skate, but we will try to show up and have a warming fire, something hot to drink, portable lighting after dark and maybe some snacks. We have a few extra skates and will have a donation can out on the snack table. Child Identification Information Kits will also be available. Fred Hill from Custer Septic will place a portable toilet at the rink for skaters’ use.

Frequent snowfall, cold weather and Christmas parties and preparations have made it difficult for ice skating. New ice now covers almost the entire pond and is smooth in most places. The snow makes it difficult to add more water. If water is added, the snow will float to the top and make the ice rough when it freezes again. Early snow was packed down and water was added in small amounts to make the bottom white, which will keep it from melting early from the bottom up. If we can get the snow completely cleaned off and some of the bumps melted down and we have a cold night with no snow, the whole pond should be good and smooth.

The rink is available to anyone almost anytime. We would ask people to stay off the ice for at least one night after we have put water on it. The water layer is usually put on in the late afternoon or early evening and needs to freeze solid overnight. The rink is on school property, and school policy prohibits smoking, alcohol, drugs and firearms. There are no restrictions on snowball fights on the ice, digging holes in the ice or leaving things on the ice, but it sure makes it difficult to skate on and add water later without doing a lot of extra cleanup work. If anyone wants to plow off the snow after a snowfall, please do. You don’t need permission.

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