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I know many of us in Custer County made it through this rough winter. Everyone I talk to says, “Glad it’s over.”

If you have ever had a chance to come to the Tom Gossi Clayton Community Center, you know it’s a amazing place for everyone to get together for many things. We are very lucky to have such a nice place to gather together.

Winter took a toll on our community center. Anyone who lives around here, up and down the river or up East Fork, helps keep it alive for events.

We would like to thank a few of our heroes who put our center back together. Thank you, Tom Anderson, Wes Sherwood, Gene Solberg and Max Solberg. Despite being busy this winter, they came together and fixed our hall. Words aren’t enough to thank them for taking on this project, not because they were asked but because they care. Last year, Nick Featherston fixed our leaky roof. I have only lived here 2-1/2 years, and all the generosity toward the city of Clayton touches my heart. Also there are so many others who volunteer to keep this town going. You are all appreciated.


Lisa Jackson/Moreni (Mayor), Beverly and Frank Smith and Terri Simms (board members), Casey and Megan Bundy (clerk and co-clerk)

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