Little Guy Wrestling and Challis Gymnastics

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Camden Beason (facing camera) shakes hands with McKray Barnes of Mackay before their wrestling match.

Korbyn Arneson squints with the effort as he struggles to get out from under Travis Lloyd.

Wyatt Edwards tries to keep Travis Lloyd from pinning him in another match-up.

Robert Hardy tries to pin Jaden Sheppeard while referee Pete Bradshaw looks to see if both shoulders are down on the mat.

Taycey Runnels gets ready to do a cartwheel during the Challis Gymnastics demonstration.

Challis Gymnastics students, instructors and student helpers give the crowd a wave after finishing their demonstration of tumbling talent.

Challis families watched a demonstration of tumbling talent by boys and girls in Challis Gymnastics and boys in the annual Little Guy Wrestling Tournament held last Wednesday in Challis High School’s Dow Dean Gym. Parents, grandparents, siblings and friends filled the bleachers for the popular events.

Young gymnasts and wrestlers have been training for the past couple of weeks and have quickly gained skills in both sports, according to their coaches and teachers. The wrestlers begin at age 4 and the gymnasts at age 3.

While Little Guy wrestlers will no doubt become future Vikings, the school district does not currently have a gymnastics program. Parents have expressed interest in longer-duration gymnastics classes, said head instructor Marci Dixon, but she and her four other instructors and three student helpers don’t have the time for a bigger program now.

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