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Doug Hammond has been awarded the honor of being the new Shrine Ambassador for southeast Idaho. Congratulations, Doug. We just know you will do a fine job in such an important position.

Jean and Lewie Frost recently returned from two months in warm, snow-free weather. They left February 1 for St. Petersburg, Florida, where daughter Karen and Nathan Peek reside. Mike Rukavina joined them for a week and enjoyed a fishing expedition. They all took in a Tampa Bay Lighting hockey game.

From Florida, they traveled to Dallas, Texas, where they met Lewie’s siblings and their mates. Jean and Lewie flew to Dallas from Tampa, Rick from Anchorage and Patsy from Boise. Tom and Linda drove from Yuma. Everyone stayed at Marcia and Steve’s house for two days. Then everyone went off to Galveston for a seven-day cruise to celebrate all their anniversaries. Marcia and Steve’s anniversary was March 18, Rick and Patsy’s was also the 18th, Tom and Linda’s the 8th. It was Marcia and Steve’s 40th anniversary! Marcia said they had a blast.

Tom and Linda Sullivan then hauled them off to Yuma for two more weeks of sunshine and friendship. I’ve heard that many good and fun memories were made.

Josh and Inga Franks made it to town to bring the girls, Elzie and new baby Luiza, for the Eastern Star Easter Egg Hunt and a visit with dad Mike Piva.

Doug and Chris James were in town for the egg hunt and ran into friends Greg and Peggy Hurless, who were home for a short visit.

Randy Hansen was gone for quit a long time recovering from some health issues but is home now and doing fairly well.

Shannon Munson’s nephew, Tyson Leyva, Medina’s youngest son, was married on Easter Sunday to Jamie Larsen. They have a daughter age three. She’s smart and gorgeous, looks just like Medina and a bit like her great-grandmother Fatme Hesson. Aria has an older brother, Kaiden age nine, and the best big brother any girl could ever have. He really is a love.

It was a surprise ceremony. They were supposed to go to the neighbor’s because he was licensed to do it. But when they were ready and went over there, the neighbors had flowers, champagne and wine. They had even made a cake and a bouquet and little basket of flowers for Aria. Tyson and Jamie walked down the aisle together with Aria in front. And, of course, having a little bit of me in her, she decided to run and went down face first, feet over her head, panties showing and all her basket of flowers going into the grass. Of course, everyone was laughing hysterically by now. Aria, being the little princess she is, simply stood up, dusted herself off and marched on. The couple moved on and recited their vows, they exchanged rings, and he kissed his bride. It was amazing. Their first dance was to “Dancing in the Dark” by Tim McGraw. Tyson’s first dance with his daughter Aria was to “Daddy’s Girl”: “I’m the center of Daddy’s world…”

Tyson shoved the cake in Jamie’s face and hair. A most awesome time was reported.

A wedding reception will be scheduled as soon as I let them know when they can.

Cheryl Philps spent Tuesday through Saturday in Salt Lake City visiting the home of daughter Katina and Chris Anthony and children Daniel and Kathryn. On Saturday they drove to Pocatello, meeting and visiting with family. They attended baseball games that Merritt Philps played in. The games went very well, and they all returned to their homes.

Of course, I was at the Eastern Star Easter Egg Hunt, and I would like to tell you about the children who attended the event. If you have ever lost faith in our young ones, I suggest you come to one of these events. They are the most well behaved, polite and generous human beings you will ever have the honor of being around. What a blessing they are.

GT Club

Debra Dikeman hosted the GT Club at the Challis Senior Center April 13. Her guests were Hazel Crane and Zelda Corrigan. Scoring high at pinochle was Nell Hughes, with Hazel Crane coming in second, and Betty Corrigan scoring low. Gerry Phillips won the traveling prize, and bingo winners were Shari O’Connor, Helen Malone and Zelda Corrigan. Nell Hughes will host the next club at the senior center April 27.

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