Salmon River Shrine Club holds first meeting

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Salmon River Shrine Club held its first meeting last month. It was decided we should go with the old meeting schedule of the fourth Thursday of the month for our meetings and rotate them through some of the local eating establishments. And if there is any interest in surrounding towns, we can rotate through them later on. Two days later Salmon River Electric Cooperative gave notice that its annual meeting will be Thursday, April 27.

Not wanting to compete with the co-op, we moved the next Shrine Club meeting to Friday, April 28, at Challis Lanes. Bill will cook some of his tri-tips and maybe some ribs for our dinner special. Attendees will be able to order the dinner special or order off the menu. We are planning a 5 to 6 p.m. social hour and a 6 p.m. dinner with an informal meeting to follow. The meetings will be open to the public. The club’s mission is to raise money to help pay travel expenses for any local child attending the Shrine hospital. Below is some information about the work they do taken from latest Desert Dust Shriner Newsletter with permission from the editor.

“What is a Shriner worth? Look at the number of kids who went to the Salt Lake Hospital in 2016? Scoliosis: 120, valgus deformity: 117, congenital deformities of the hip: 77, muscle contracture: 75, flat foot: 63, limb deformities: 53, club foot: 51, cerebral palsy: 49, fracture: 41, congenital deformities of the foot: 34, unequal limb length: 33, limb loss/amputation: 27, Legg-Calve-Perthes disorder: 21, short Achilles tendon: 20, multiple congenital exostosis: 14, removal of internal fixation device: 12, osteogenesis: 11, others: 19. So when you think about your membership, think about these kids.”

Hope to see you at the meeting. If you are a Shriner, bring your fez, or if you are just interested, bring your questions. We are looking for ideas about how to raise money to assist parents with travel expenses and how to have fun doing it. We might have some Tin Lizzies on display in the parking lot depending on the weather. I have told Bill to expect 10 to 15 people. He can always prepare for more if he has advance notice. Contact Doug Hammond at 833-4218 or Carl Alexander at 775-621-6168 to reserve your tri-tips or if you have any questions.

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