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Thursday August 27, 2015

Elevenmile fire explodes west of Challis - BY TODD ADAMS
The Elevenmile fire exploded in the Yankee Fork drainage Monday afternoon 17 miles west of Challis, putting up huge smoke plumes visible from town, and has already led to closures of main Forest roads.The Forest Service literally jumped on the fire as soon as possible, deploying 20 smoke jumpers and dropping fire retardant on the blaze with one ...

Supreme Court reverses City's water borrowing authority - BY TODD ADAMS
In a split 3-2 decision Idaho Supreme Court has reversed a 2014 district court ruling allowing the City of Challis to borrow up to $3.2 million for water system improvement projects without a confirmatory vote of the electorate.The Court's majority opinion on August 20 sided with the citizen's group Consent of the Governed Caucus and held that ...

Water case hinged on Idaho Constitution - BY TODD ADAMS
The Idaho Supreme Court decision in favor of Consent of the Governed Caucus hinges on the proviso clause of the Idaho Constitution that says large local government expenditures must be put to a vote of the electorate unless they are ordinary and necessary. The Court has added case law to say there must be an urgent need.Majority opinionJustice ...

General manager gone, stripping ceases at Thompson Creek Mine - BY TODD ADAMS
Workers at Thompson Creek Mine near Clayton were shocked last week to learn that corporate officials had eliminated General Manager Greg Hurless' position, effective August 20.Jim Kopp is now in charge as site manager. He had taken over as mill manager after Hurless was promoted to the general manager position in January 2015.The Clayton-area mill ...

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