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About folks we know
Ron and Corrine Jones spent Friday and Saturday in Boise where they visited with their son, Roman and Patti Jones and children Emma, Gage, Chance and Quinn, and attended flag football games in which Gage and Chance participated. Susie Millick and her daughter, Barbara Fox from Florence, Montana, and Minnie Yacomella drove to Salmon last Tuesday ...

Good old days of Custer County
TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGOOctober 1, 1987A vital part of our community is feeling the effects of the Cyprus layoff—our emergency medical technicians. Although the dust hasn’t settled yet for Cyprus, almost half of the EMTs serving with the North Custer Ambulance have left the area. Cyprus employees accounted for 70-80 percent of the EMT force, ...

Northern Rockies Skies
A monthly look at the night skies of the northern Rocky Mountains, written by astronomers Ron Canterna, University of Wyoming; Jay Norris, Challis, Idaho Observatory; and Daryl Macomb, Boise State University.We still see the triangle of bright stars (Vega, Deneb and Altair) dominating the early night sky. These stars connect the constellations of ...

Mountain Transitions

Above the Rainbow (conclusion)Summer had been coming to an end. The sun would pass over the Equator in a few days and autumn would be upon the Northern Hemisphere. Many were the things I needed to do before summer ended. Treating myself to a late summer outing won out over other options. Copper Basin straddles the headwaters of the Big Lost River. ...

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