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About folks we know
Scott and Kate Steensen and five-year old twin sons, Camron and Carsen, who reside in Elko, Nevada, arrived in Challis last Thursday where they spent the weekend as houseguests of Kate's parents, Bill and June James. Also spending the weekend in Challis was Kate's sister, Karen and Tom Chivers from Buhl. Over the weekend, a wonderful time was ...

Mountain Transitions

Directions. Generally, my sense of direction is fairly good. That is, usually north is where it is supposed to be and when the sun sets it is more or less in what should be west. Most people have this sense to some degree and salmon must possess it in order to get back from the vast trackless ocean to their natal waters for spawning. It is not ...

Good old days of Custer County

TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGOAugust 17, 1989As long as School District #181 doesn't lose any money in the process, the pitter-patter of little and for that matter, big feet will be heard again in the Challis Junior High School auditorium during special events.At its regular meeting Monday, the school board voted unanimously to allow the Challis Arts ...

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