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Guest Commentary - What the new levy will bring to the school district
There are great things happening in the Challis School District, yet one of the major challenges that we have faced over the past couple of years is the drastic decline in revenue that we receive from the state. Since 2003, Challis has had a levy in place to help our students in spite of state cuts. Currently, homeowners pay an average of ...

Biomass power dirty secrets
Dear Editor,I live on the edge of the Custer County line in Lemhi County and I don’t belong to any environmental group, nor am I politically active. I live in this area because I love the outdoors and our clean skies.This proposed Biomass Generating plant will vastly affect us and the citizens of Custer County. “Green” biomass generation, ...

The Supreme Court fallacy
Dear Editor,I wish to address an important issue mentioned by William Lindsey in his letter dated February 21. He writes, “Our sheriff and the rest of the sheriffs in Idaho support the 2nd Amendment in so far as the 2nd Amendment is interpreted by the Supreme Court, the law of the land. The Sheriff’s Association says, ‘We recognize the ...

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