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One thing missing
Dear Editor,Well, hunt’n season is here again and it looks like there are a lot of folks in town, which is good for all our businesses. Almost reminds you of the Braun weekend. The only thing missing are the state police troopers down on the highway and at each end of town. Gosh, I wonder where they are.Denis DuBois

Political Plugs - Misleading accusations
Dear Editor,Ms. Horn stated: Completion of the two outstanding and two new audits did not appear to be an important issue until the Mayor and Council opted to apply for the $3.2 million loan for “water improvements” in the name of the City of Challis.Rebuttal: The past due audits have always been an issue with the council and mayor. When they ...

Political Plugs - Vote for Lupher
Dear Editor,I wish to voice why I support Mark Lupher for mayor.I have worked along side Mark as a council member for two years and the last four as mayor.Mark is the third mayor I have worked with in my eight years on the council. He has become one of the best. I’ve seen a lot of growth in his handling the job. Since our new clerk came on ...

Political Plugs - Clarifying some points
Dear Editor,I am writing this letter I response to several recent letters to the editor to try to clarify some points.During my term on the city council from January 2008 to December 2011, I found the financial information presented to the council in confusing and varying forms using an antiquated computer system. The information was usually not ...

Political Plugs - Letter to the City of Challis residents
Dear Editor,To the City of Challis: Please vote and help others get to the polls or an absentee ballot. This is a right all should exercise for we do not want to lose it.Remember, those who don’t vote have no room to complain.This is an important election for the future of Challis. In the October 17 Challis Messenger under Political Plugs and ...

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