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Thursday February 21, 2013 10:33 am

I read with interest the recent story on some Challis residents asking that the City go back to its old streetlights. While I can understand and appreciate the need and desire for adequate street lighting at night in any city, I do believe that with proper wattage the new lights can meet this goal. New lights similar to those in Challis were installed in Stanley and here the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive from everything I've heard.
The new lights save energy and money at a time when we desperately need such savings, they reduce the adverse impact of the old, broader lights on birds and wildlife and they are much less intrusive on city residents. In view of these factors, I would hope the Challis Council carefully examines all ways to increase the wattage of the new lights, as well as other alternatives to meet concerns of some Challis residents, before taking any steps to re-install the old lights.

Sincerely, Paul Hill, Stanley

-- pahillster

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